Board of Governors

Who they are and how they are elected

Elected by Parents

Mr J Melin
Mrs A Duncan

Elected by Teaching Staff

Mr C Bell

Elected by Education Authority

Mr K McKnight
Mr P Jackson

Transferor’s Representatives

Mrs W Chrusciak (C)
Ms F Campbell (VC)
Mr A Moore
Mrs C Pollock

Governors have always played an important role in giving schools a sense of direction and in supporting Principals and staff in their work with pupils. They undertake this role in a voluntary capacity and provide a vital contribution to school life and development.

Governors attend regular meetings of the Governing Body, at least one per term and are expected to show an interest in all school activities and to be informed about education in general. They are invited to attend school functions and participate in events throughout the school year. Governors are also offered the opportunity to attend regular training courses organised by the Education Authority.

What are the Governors responsible for?

• Overseeing the School Development Plan
• Admission of pupils to school
• Child protection
• Staff appointments
• Matters relating to staffing
• Financial management of the school
• Overseeing the curriculum
• School policies and procedures
• Attendance
• Effective use of resources
• Pupil discipline
• School inspections
• School premises
• Responding to Department of Education and Education Authority initiatives

The school is indebted to the Governors, who willingly give of their time to ensure that the administration of Knockbreda proceeds smoothly and effectively.