Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1
(P3 & P4)

Key Stage 2
(P5 – P7)

At Knockbreda we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which gives every pupil the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve his/her full potential and which acknowledges individual pupil needs, abilities and different learning styles.

The purpose of this broad and relevant curriculum is to help our children learn what it is to be a valuable member of society. It is hoped to promote, to care for, and to nurture the intellectual, creative, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development of the individual child, taking account of his/her age, ability, personality, needs and wishes, the expectations of the community in which the child lives and of society as a whole.

The curriculum is set out in six areas of learning:



The World Around Us:
geography, history,
science, technology

Art and design,
music, drama

Personal Development
and Mutual Understanding

Physical Education

Embedded within the curriculum are the essential skills of communication, using ICT, mathematics and thinking skills and personal capabilities.