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About Knockbreda Curriculum

The Northern Ireland Curriculum sets out the minimum requirement that should be taught at each key stage. Within these requirements, schools have a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children and schools should aim to give every child the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard at possible. CCEA 2007

At Knockbreda Primary School we are continually reviewing our teaching to ensure that our pupils are taught in the best possible way to suit their needs and learning styles. We endeavour to participate in as much curriculum development and training as possible, when offered, to take on board new advice from DE, CCEA and EA as well as educational research to benefit all of the pupils in our school.

The curriculum in Knockbreda Primary School is delivered in a topic based approach. This approach allows for connected, active learning across all subjects with an emphasis on the development of skills and capabilities for lifelong learning.

The curriculum is set out in six areas of learning. Although set out separately we endeavour to integrate across the six areas making relevant connections for the children were possible. Please click on the links below to access the statutory guidance from CCEA on each of the six areas.

Using ICT

Children learn best when it is practical and enjoyable and in Knockbreda Primary School teachers make use of a wide range of teaching methods, balancing whole class, group and individual activities to engage children in effective learning. ICT is integrated across all subject areas where possible and we recognised its potential to empower pupils, develop self-esteem and promote positive attitudes to learning.

We aim to develop each pupil's ICT skills in the five areas set out by CCEA.






Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

At Knockbreda Primary School we aim to foster personal skills and capabilities which will allow children to adapt and succeed in all aspects of their life. Thinking skills are tools that help children go beyond the acquisition of knowledge and search for meaning, apply ideas, analyse patterns and relationships, create and design something new and evaluate their progress. TSPC are intertwined into all of the teaching within our school on a daily basis. The experiences our rich curriculum offer enable pupils to develop skills in:

  • Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Self Management
  • Working with Others
  • Managing Information
  • Being Creative

More information on TSPC can be found at:

Foundation -

Key Stage 1 and 2 -

Topic Approach to Learning

In our school each year group delivers the curriculum through topics. The topics for each year group are listed below. More details of the content of each topic is shared in a Connecting with Parents leaflet at the beginning of each new cycle. These will be shared via Seesaw.

World Around Us – Whole School Overview

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Year 1 Ourselves Vehicles  Christmas Healthy Eating Building Homes Woodland Animals  Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Year 2 Autumn Journeys World of Food Types of Homes Minibeasts
Year 3 Our Place in Space Celebrations Weather Famous Lives Plants Castles
Year 4 Ourselves Winter Houses and Homes  Life in the Recent past
(2 year cycle)
My Amazing Body  Northern Ireland Plants Minibeasts
Me and my World Pets Toys
Year 5 Mighty Me and Where I live The Blue Planet Egyptians
Year 6 The Vikings Fairtrade Unsinkable Titanic Explorers Scott of the Antarctic
Year 7 Victorians Irish Famine Rain Forests Mapping Skills
(2 year cycle)
Solar System Vikings Victorians Easter /Timber to Titanic
Titanic Electric Circuits New Year, New You Digestion