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Teaching Team

Senior Leadership Team

At Knockbreda we have a caring and committed staff who work together for the benefit of every child…

"The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team" (Phil Jackson).

Mrs Natalie Sayers


Our Teaching Team

Every school is built on the quality of its teaching staff, and here at Knockbreda PS we have a fantastic team, each with the highest level of teaching ability and care for their pupils.

Mrs McKnight

P1 Teacher (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu)

Mrs Murtagh

P1 Teacher (Fri)

Mrs Kirk

P2 Teacher (Thur & Friday)

Mrs Gamble

P2 Teacher (Mon, Tue & Wed )

Ms McLean

P3 Teacher

Mrs McCormick

P4 Teacher

Mrs Fletcher

P5 Teacher

Miss Briggs

P6 Teacher Designated Teacher

Mr Bell

P7 Teacher Vice Principal

Mrs Hart

LC1 Teacher

Mrs Poole

LC2 Teacher

Mrs Warren

LC2 Teacher (Fri)

Mrs Poole


Classroom Assistants

Our Classroom Assistants play an important role in supporting our teachers and the learning activities in our school.

Miss S Black

Primary 3

Mrs L Brewer

Primary 6

Mrs C Cousins

Primary 5

Mrs M Davey


Mrs K Herron

Primary 5

Miss D Jack

Primary 6

Mrs T Murphy


Ms S Massey

Primary 4

Mrs J Melin


Mrs P McAllister


Miss A McCormick

Primary 2

Mrs S McCoy

Primary 1

Mrs V McCullough

Primary 4

Miss C Miskelly

Primary 6

Ms M O'Hara

Primary 5

Mrs J Preston


Mrs G Stewart

Primary 4

Non Teaching Staff

Our Non-Teaching staff provide essential support to our school

Mrs J Blemings

School Office

Mr S Scott


Mrs Walczak


Mrs Darragh